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AKCG specializes in working through crises and issues that can lead to long-lasting reputational challenges for organizations. We help organizations and their spokespersons to prepare for these crises, approach any issues that will impact bottom lines, and ultimately respond in a strategic approach to restore reputations.

What is a Crisis?

A crisis does not need to be major to have a major impact. We define a crisis as any event — large or small — that has the ability to affect the goodwill a client has earned. We understand the vital interdependence of legal and communications counsel, and we know the power crises have, both in the court of law and in the court of public opinion.


Crisis Responses PR Services-Philadelphia

Partners in Crisis Response

At AKCG, we pride ourselves on responsiveness. We recognize the urgency with which crises can mushroom out of control, and we advocate for nearly instantaneous communications with key audiences to establish the tone of a response, oftentimes even before our response may be fully executed.

Our goal is to establish immediate and open communication channels with key audiences, ensuring that the tone of our response is set before the crisis escalates further.

Our approach to crisis response

We recognize that while the media may be the squeakiest wheel when a crisis strikes, your most important audiences should get the grease. We never lose sight of this reality. The depth of our experience and breadth of clients who have relied on us for crisis communications planning and response enable us to provide our services efficiently and effectively.

We customize our counsel and work to reflect an organization’s unique audiences, communications environment, media markets and history.


Tailored Counsel for Effective Results

We understand that every organization is unique, with its own set of audiences, communication environment, media markets, and historical context. We work with a vast array of organizations, ranging from independent schools, higher education institutions, senior living communities, and trade associations. We understand the nuances behind each of these industry verticals, and we customize our counsel and strategies to suit each client’s specific needs.

By tailoring our approach, we ensure that our crisis response aligns with your organization’s values, culture, and desired outcomes. We can help you navigate through the complexities of a reputational crisis while achieving restoration of trust and goodwill among your stakeholders.


Comprehensive Crisis Communications Services

Our crisis response and reputation management services encompass a wide range of areas. From proactive crisis planning and preparedness to real-time crisis communications, we are well-equipped to handle various aspects of crisis communications. Our services include but are not limited to:


Crisis Communications Preparedness

We work closely with your organization to develop comprehensive crisis communication plans, including protocols, messaging frameworks, and public relations strategies. By anticipating potential crises and preparing in advance, we empower you to respond effectively when faced with unexpected challenges.


Reputation Management & Media Relations

We can help safeguard your organization’s reputation by implementing proactive measures that build trust and strengthen relationships with stakeholders. Through strategic messaging and engagement, we mitigate reputational risks and help preserve and restore your organization’s goodwill.

Our team is also very familiar with the intricacies of media interactions during a crisis. We know how to craft and deliver effective messages to the right media personnel so that your organization can maintain and restore your reputation, especially following a crisis. We can help with:

  • Managing media inquiries: When a crisis occurs, the media often seeks immediate information and interviews. Our team is adept at managing media inquiries and providing timely responses that demonstrate transparency while honoring commitments to privacy and confidentiality. 
  • Training Spokespersons: Being an effective spokesperson during a crisis requires specific skills and expertise. Our team offers comprehensive media training tailored to the unique challenges and requirements of crisis situations. We simulate realistic scenarios, conduct mock interviews, and provide constructive feedback to ensure that your spokesperson is well-prepared to handle challenging media interactions with confidence and composure. By enhancing their media relations skills, we empower your spokesperson to deliver your organization’s messages effectively and maintain control over the narrative.


When a crisis strikes, it’s crucial to have a trusted partner by your side. At AKCG, we bring a wealth of experience, a strategic mindset, and a deep understanding of crisis response to help you navigate through challenging times.


Crisis Response FAQ


What is the primary goal of a crisis response?

The primary goal of a crisis response is to protect your organization’s reputation and minimize reputational risks. This involves crafting effective communication strategies that not only address the immediate situation, but also build trust with stakeholders in the long-term.


Who will be responsible for leading the response?

 AKCG will work with your senior leadership team and company spokespeople to ensure everyone is on the same page and moving towards a positive resolution. This includes determining the objectives and developing an effective strategy to address the crisis. 


What kind of support can a PR firm provide during a crisis?

At AKCG, we specialize in providing comprehensive media relations, and crisis communications strategies. We can help identify communications strategies, prepare messages to key internal audiences, navigate media inquiries and interviews, and train spokespersons.

Case studies

Learn About Our Work

In 2019, a prominent East Coast liberal-arts college faced a significant reputational challenge during a lengthy student protest. But, by prioritizing direct communications with its most important audiences and keeping pace with a fast-moving, global news cycle, the college, in partnership with AKCG, was able to mitigate the impact on admissions and advancement efforts. (This campaign was recognized with first-place honors by Philadelphia PRSA.)

AKCG has guided more than 30 independent schools through the phases of investigating, communicating, and, utlimately, moving forward from instances of sexual abuse. Through its partnership with law firms and its relationships with national and regional trade organizations, AKCG has executed such programs in every corner of the United States.

After a senior living community fell victim to a deadly and devastating fire, AKCG – Public Relations Counselors helped client Barclay Friends — a Kendal affiliate — manage and maintain the reputation of the longstanding facility and retain the trust of its most important audiences. Today, the community is thriving once again.