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Media Relations

When your organization has an exciting story to tell or news to break, a targeted media relations campaign may be the solution. Media relations is an important part of any PR strategy. It helps to boost credibility and visibility for your brand by reaching target audiences, while building relationships with key influencers. Whether you need help developing forward-thinking pitches, facilitating media opportunities or tracking industry trends, AKCG provides exceptional thought leadership and media relations services. 

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We Create Media Relations Strategies

At AKCG, we prioritize our clients’ bottom-line business goals in our approach to media relations. Afterall, flashy coverage is fun but media coverage that helps move the needle on your business goals is even better. Our firm specializes in providing media relations services, including crafting effective pitches that capture the attention of the media, managing press events, securing meaningful media placements, building relationships with journalists and monitoring media coverage.

Our team of experienced media relations professionals can help develop targeted strategies to help reach your goals, such as driving brand awareness and amplifying your voice through strategic media placements. We can help with:

  • Developing forward-thinking, targeted pitches designed to underscore an organization’s key messages, spotlight an initiative, or position a subject matter expert within the media
  • Securing media coverage across all mediums, including television, print, radio and online news sources
  • Building meaningful relationships with journalists, reporters and editors
  • Facilitating media opportunities and preparing subject matter experts for interviews through media training, as needed
  • Curating and distributing press releases and media alerts
  • Tracking industry trends and conversations, and presenting potential story ideas to marketing and communications team
  • Drafting bylined articles and pitching to targeted media outlets

Whether you are launching a new service or initiative, rebranding, responding to a crisis, or seeking to increase your brand’s visibility, AKCG can provide the necessary tools and strategies for successful media relations tailored to meet your specific needs.

The Benefits of Working with a Media Relations Expert

Developing and executing a successful media relations strategy is no easy task. It requires specialized knowledge of the industry, expertise in crafting compelling stories that resonate with target audiences, and relationships with the right journalists, reporters and editors.

When you partner with an experienced team like AKCG, you can be confident that our seasoned professionals have deep knowledge in the media landscape and understand what type of stories and content resonate with the media. We  work diligently and with tenacity to help you reach your objectives and are committed to providing the highest quality of services, tailored to meet your specific needs while being aligned with your organization’s business goals. At AKCG, we value collaborative relationships with our partners and  work closely with you to ensure that we are positioning your organization in a way that will generate media interest, ultimately helping you gain visibility with your most important audiences. 

Media Relations FAQ


What is media relations?

Media relations is a strategic process focused on establishing relationships with members of the media and generating publicity for an organization. It’s an important tool for building credibility and visibility within target audiences, as well as influencing public opinion, shaping attitudes and changing behaviors.

What is the difference between media relations and public relations?

Media relations is focused specifically on outreach and engagement with journalists, writers, and other members of the media to ultimately increase media coverage for an organization. Public relations refers to  the broader strategic communications processes that an organization undertakes to communicate with its most important internal and external stakeholders. This includes multiple elements, including such media relations, but also encompasses crisis communications, content creation, and more.

How can media relations help my business?

Media relations can be a powerful tool for helping your organization achieve its bottom-line business goals. By building brand awareness and trust, increasing overall visibility and reach, and identifying new target audiences, organizations can help move the needle on business goals that may include increasing the customer base, growing the workforce or meeting sales or occupancy goals. Through strategic and intentional media relations, PR pros can help organizations amplify their messages and initiatives, creating positive brand recognition and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

When is media relations needed?

Media relations can be a key strategy for helping  a variety of organizations achieve business goals. It’s especially useful for those that want to do the following tactics, as these can contribute to a larger business goal:

  • Gain visibility and credibility within an industry
  • Secure press coverage for upcoming events, new programs or services, or other initiatives
  • Increase brand awareness and reach new audiences
  • Share  key messages or initiatives with important audiences
  • Establish organizational leaders as thought leaders
  • Generate earned media placements

Case studies

Learn About Our Work

Through a targeted feature-story series in a regional newspaper of record, helped client Trinity Health Mid Atlantic elevate its subject-matter experts and secure their positions as thought leaders in quality, compassionate care. (This campaign earned Best In Show honors from Philadelphia PRSA.)

Senior living provider Wesley Enhanced Living and AKCG teamed up to promote a campaign called “WEL Wishes,” offering senior residents memorable, unexpected and media-friendly experiences, from going skydiving and driving go-carts to singing opera and becoming a firefighter for a day. The program has secured media attention, driven new resident inquiries and positioned WEL as a thought leader across the region.

Philadelphia nonprofit Ralston Center partnered with AKCG to successfully launch a robust public service initiative, driven by primary research, to enable older adults to thrive in their communities. The initiative engaged dozens of community partner organizations, elected officials, other supporters and many of the seniors the initiative aims to help and has expanded Ralston’s profile in the crowded landscape of community service organizations.