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Partners in Spokesperson Training

The primary focus of AKCG’s spokesperson training is substance — presenting key message points, communicating with authority and positioning oneself as a credible source both verbally and non-verbally, which can include everything from how you use your hands to how you dress. Spokespeople need to understand their value, their role and their responsibilities. While the training is designed to empower spokespeople for media exchanges, many trainees find that the program builds confidence in small- and large-group interpersonal exchanges as well.

We work to make each training a positive session so that everyone learns and is more comfortable speaking with both the media and with various key audiences. We also often incorporate a module of more hostile, more intense, more demanding interview exercises to prepare the team to deal with the toughest, least-expected situations.

Our approach to spokesperson training

Our sessions aim to build confidence in spokesperson abilities and lay the groundwork for successful media interactions. While we will provide guidance on demeanor and body language, this training is about defining goals for media interactions and working to achieve them.

Our spokesperson training sessions include:

  • An overview of the fundamentals of message delivery and the changing media landscape
  • Key considerations and skills for spokespersons
  • Mock interviews
  • Recorded exercises with playback and critique

Case studies

Learn About Our Work

AKCG is a regular training partner to public health innovators with the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. It works with these researchers and administrators to distill their message for broader, public-facing audiences, taking into account the modern communications environment.

AKCG created and conducted a far-reaching crisis-communications and spokesperson training for the administrators and thought leaders across PCOM’s Philadelphia and Georgia campuses. The model included an introductory session supported by periodic refresher sessions.

AKCG worked with global life sciences leader Lonza to refine its spokesperson training program for company officials across its U.S. business lines. It also regularly works with the company’s site and corporate leadership to sharpen spokesperson skills, with an eye toward crisis preparedness.