About AKCG

We are proud to highlight why we exist and why we do what we do. We carry out our work with passion and integrity, and we live and work by our set of core values — which are rooted in ethics.

Our mission statement defines our agency’s existence and explains our purpose, and our core values serve as a way to keep our team engaged and motivated, as well as help our clients and prospective clients understand what our employees respect and embody. Furthermore, our core values showcase how our work exemplifies those values and how they serve as a guidepost for our team’s work.

Our Mission

At AKCG, we create thought leaders, influence attitudes and behaviors and navigate challenging waters with our clients every day. We help prepare for and respond to the crises that impact reputations and bottom lines. As partners, we tackle issues and celebrate wins together.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity. We operate with integrity and are guided by high ethical standards.
  • Quality. We deliver quality work and a superior experience for our clients.
  • Inclusivity. We respect and value diverse cultures, perspectives and experiences of not only our employees, but also of our clients and their constituents.
  • Partnership. We commit to partnership in collaboration with our clients — a mindset ingrained within our culture.
  • Stewardship. We take pride in being good stewards of our clients’ resources, and we serve to drive bottom lines and behaviors through deliberate, thoughtful and strategically planned programs.

Our mission statement and set of core values reflect who we are today — a public relations firm committed to being our clients’ partners and going the extra mile to helping achieve their bottom-line goals.

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