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Meet the Team Series: Hannah Merschen

AKCG Meet the Team Series: Hannah Merschen

Meet the Team Series: Hannah Merschen

by | Oct 13, 2022

In our Meet the Team series, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on the dedicated AKCG team members serving our valued clients.

This week, meet Hannah Merschen, a senior account executive for AKCG – Public Relations Counselors, where she supports the proactive media relations team for the firm’s healthcare, education and association clients. Learn more about Hannah below.

What is your favorite aspect of public relations?

I love storytelling. When I sat down and focused on what I wanted in a future career move, I knew that it had to involve sharing stories with the community. To me, it’s incredibly satisfying to take an event, effort or initiative that happened and put it into words in a way that resonates with a larger audience. Even more fun is placing that story in the best spot to maximize its potential, whether internal or external. My second favorite thing is networking and building relationships. Although my prior roles were internal, they both hinged on the ability to collaborate across departments. The more time I spent meeting people, and discussing their goals, the better I was able to support them as a central marketing specialist. Public relations will provide the perfect way to align storytelling, pitching and relationship building.

Do you specialize in certain areas of communications?

I am a skilled writer. I have experience writing newsletters, blog articles, press releases and social media copy, where I’ve learned to adapt to different mediums and tones quickly and effectively. I am also an experienced social media strategist with experience creating content for various social media platforms and managing community relations, social listening and crisis communication. Finally, I have a background in event planning, community relations and advertising strategies. Overall, I have a well-balanced portfolio of marketing experience.

What influenced you to join the AKCG team?

Never underestimate the power of a network! Through my involvement with the Philadelphia Public Relations Association (PPRA), I met a few folks from the AKCG team, particularly Adam Dvorin. I knew a little bit about the work at AKCG, including their work in education and healthcare. The agency felt like a natural fit with my background in human services and higher education.

I always knew that I wanted to gravitate back to communications as my skills and interests include writing, client relations, presentations and strategy. The stars aligned with the position at AKCG. I was able to accept a job near my home, in a communications role, alongside talented professionals, with the opportunity for growth.

And while we’re here: do you have any hobbies?

I love exercising! I’m an avid runner and have completed four half marathons in the Greater Philadelphia area. I also enjoy HITT workouts and an occasional yoga session. Although I don’t get to it as much as I’d like, I also enjoy baking and am always open to trying new recipes. However, my best recipes (according to friends and family) are lemon bars, carrot cake, and apple pie. Lately, I spend most of my time with my daughter, including lots of neighborhood walks, backyard fun, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Hannah Merschen

Hannah Merschen supports the proactive media relations team for the firm’s healthcare, education and association clients.

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