AKCG Meet the Team Series: Bianca Butler

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AKCG Meet the Team Series: Bianca Butler

by | Apr 12, 2022

In our Meet the Team series, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on the dedicated AKCG team members serving our valued clients.

This week, meet Bianca Butler, an associate who works with our firm’s crisis communications and issues management practice team. Bianca is a dynamic team member who diligently works to develop and implement strategies for effective reputation management for our healthcare and senior living clients. Learn more about Bianca below.

Why did you choose a career in communications?

I chose a career in communications because it is such a broad career field, and the opportunities are endless. In an ever-changing world, it is so important that we learn how to coexist with each other. We can do this through effective communication. I’ve always wanted to help people better understand each other and themselves, in all aspects of life. The communications field gives me the freedom to do so.

When did you know AKCG was the team for you?

What first sparked my interest with AKCG is the fact that they are a smaller company that provides interns the opportunity to advance in their respective roles. With larger corporations, it is so easy for interns to get lost in everyday activities. At AKCG, they make you feel valued and part of the team. My colleagues are extremely helpful, and they use every opportunity they have to help me develop and sharpen my communication and professional skills.

What aspect of crisis communications is most interesting to you?

Responding to a crisis is the most interesting part because it sharpens my ability to effectively communicate with audiences in a short amount of time. We can do our best to prepare for a crisis, but what we say in the minutes following the event is what matters most. I like it because it keeps me on my p’s and q’s.

Just for fun: What is your favorite movie genre?

Action, thriller and comedy are my favorite movie genres. I love anything that can make me laugh and keep me on the edge of my seat.

Bianca Butler

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