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AKCG Meet the Team Series: Angelica Flynn

AKCG Meet the Team Series: Angelica Flynn

AKCG Meet the Team Series: Angelica Flynn

by | Jun 8, 2022

In our Meet the Team series, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on the dedicated AKCG team members serving our valued clients.

This week, meet Angelica Flynn, a senior account executive who works with our thought leadership clients and team to implement strategy development and media relations efforts for the firm’s healthcare, education and association clients. Learn more about Angelica below.

Did your career begin in communications?

I started off my career in marketing at a mid-size law firm. My team was a small marcomm shop serving 150+ attorneys in all aspects of advertising, marketing, internal and external communications. I found that I enjoyed the PR projects most – writing, event planning and building relationships with the folks at the firm – more so than developing ads and business development.

In what area of communications are you most confident?

I have a strong sense for media relations. I’m a big news consumer – I need to know what’s going on and I hate being out of the loop! I start the day with a daily news podcast, and I’m always scrolling through newsletters and news websites. One of the best ways to develop your eye for what is newsworthy is by consuming a lot of media. And luckily, I enjoy doing just that.

I’m also confident in my ability to create meaningful and quantifiable goals for PR efforts. I’m interested in how public relations has evolved from a words-centric industry, into a more measurable discipline. This shift has not only benefitted the C-suite and the bottom-line, but it also has provided insight that allows PR campaigns and projects to improve.

What influenced your decision to join the AKCG team?

After spending the first few years of my career in-house, I wanted to mix things up. AKCG has been able to offer me more variety while also allowing me to develop my skills. On any given day I could be drafting an article for a client, facilitating a media interview or developing strategy with my team.

How do you ensure your work stands out?

I know who I am as a writer and as a professional. I know my strengths and I lean into them. I think this confidence and authenticity helps my deliverables stand out and allows me to build genuine relationships with clients and media.

Just for fun: How would you spend a million dollars?

I would take a big family trip somewhere sunny and tropical. I’m super close with my immediate family and my cousins, and when I was young, we used to take trips together to places like Dorney Park or Myrtle Beach. With a million bucks we’d hop on a plane and go somewhere exciting.

Angelica Flynn, APR

Angelica Flynn manages proactive media relations efforts and strategy development for the firm’s healthcare, education and association clients.

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